The Safety Office at the Marine Biological Laboratory serves as the primary resource for campus-wide research laboratory safety support including user training and safety information. The Safety Office encompasses the recognition, evaluation and control of all hazards associated with working in a laboratory, including hazards posed by the handling and use of biological, chemical and radiological materials, and the use of laboratory research equipment.

The Safety Office provides subject matter expertise and assists in ensuring that research is in full compliance with local, state, and federal safety regulations and meets the safety conditions required by funding agencies.  The Safety Office provides expertise and resources for chemical, biological, radiation, and laser safety.   The staff members serve on the MBL Safety Committee, Institutional Biosafety Committee, Radiation Safety Committee and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.  In addition, the office leads a Safety Representative Team which consists of individuals from a cross-section of the departments at MBL.

The Safety Office manages all research safety support, collaborating with Division of Research and Programs, Division of Education and veterinary services.  Researchers must contact the office in advance if they wish to use radioactive materials or acutely hazardous chemicals.

In addition, the Safety Office is responsible for occupational health and safety, chemical and biological waste management, and environmental compliance.  The staff is responsible for performing or overseeing the testing, calibration and certifying of equipment (i.e. fume hoods, autoclaves, eye wash stations, safety showers).

Mission Statement

The Safety Office supports the Marine Biological Laboratory’s (MBL) mission of teaching and research by promoting a culture of safety, health, environmental protection, and emergency preparedness. We provide services and support for efficient, effective, and compliant work practices, while promoting a culture of shared responsibility by students, faculty, staff, and visitors for a healthy, safe, and environmentally sound educational and research community at the MBL.


In the achievement of our mission, our staff is committed to the transparency of operations, development of collaborative partnerships, and establishment of lasting credibility among our researchers, faculty and staff. These performance values represent our dedication to responsiveness, service excellence, and alignment with the strategic goals of the MBL.